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GĂĄbis Tapes

58/b, Jåvorka Ádåm str
1147 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36-1-414-0145
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About us

Gábis Tapes was established in May 2003 by two young men who had been working in the business for several years then. Their aim was to stop the autocratic way of acting in the case of companies establishing monopolic situation on the market and also to make products available on the best prices for everybody. Unfortunately, that intention was not favoured by all the companies, especially by those who had to realize that the time of their monopoly was over and they could not gain incredible profits anymore. We hope that many companies will notice this and remember that they bought products on double prices from the same company right after receiving our offers.

Inspite of all the problematic points at the beginning, we managed to exceed our expectations with 20% last year and that tendency seems to continue this year also. At present, we have 80 partners receiving the same attention from us which, in our point of view, is independent from their size. Each customer of ours is imortant to us!

Last year we tried to do our best in order to satisfy our customers' need, though we had to realize that employing product managers did not work on a long term. Solving the problems of our partners could not wait days and weeks until the manager sorted things out with his boss, the problems had to be solved promptly. Presently, we are the ones to visit our customers so they receive quick decisions and prices. We are aware of their problems, we know them personally not only through a manager. This system resulted that the office was empty sometimes so we decided to employ a secretary from January. She is at your service on weekdays and happy to answer your questions, though due to her not being as professional in this business as our partners do not be surprised by being directed to us sometime.

There was one more important change in the company's life in January beside the above. After long discussions, we became the official Hungarian representative of a British manufacturer. For your information, there were several (bigger and more well-known) Hungarian companies who wanted to make the deal with this manufacturer but we were the ones chosen - maybe not by accident.

Our aim is to give such service to our customers that they need and deserve from the order until the delivery. The orders and inquiries are processed quickly, the orders and deliveries are handled with attention while neither the quality nor the speed loses importance.

Should you need further information after visiting our site, do not hesitate to contact us, please.

Best Regards,

Zsolt Borhegyi
Managing Director